Commercial Amplifier


Clear Audio Quality

  • 5 Zone Commercial Amplifier, 360W
  • Premium Amplification- Class AB amplification provides stable distortion free sound distribution
  • Clip Protection- 4 level circuitoverloadindicator protection
  • 5 Zone- amplification capability with independent sound control
  • 24V DC With Charging- power port provides a connection to an external battery in the event of a outage or emergency. Suitable for use with emergency and fire safety PA systems
  • Bluetooth- Wirelessly stream music to up to 3 different rooms or areas simultaneously
  • Wired MIC Inputs- Three 6.3mm wired microphone inputs with individual volume adjust
  • RCA Inputs- Two AUX ports for smartphones, tablets & mp3 players with independent volume control
  • RCA Output- Provides an additional external amplifier connection option
  • FM Radio- Built-in digital FM tuner with auto scan provides continuous music play
  • Digital Equalizer- 5 option digital equalizer for a complete customized sound delivery
  • Tone Control- Analog base and treble controls offer additional sound customization to all zones
  • USB Inputs- Access external music source using a flash drive
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5 Zone Commercial Amplifier